Molly bracken 2024

Spring-Summer 2024 Invites You to a Vacation by the Sea

Step into a haven where summer memories come alive, igniting new desires and celebrating the joy of freedom's first days. Our bohemian chic retreat invites you to surrender to a world where time stands still and friendships are renewed through shared daydreams and colorful silhouettes. Explore finely printed cotton veils with Indian accents and rich textured hangings that adorn our space. Experience the essence of carefree living in every corner.

Welcome to your escape.

Lili sidonio 2024

Lili Sidonio: Your Pop, Urban, and Arty Wardrobe Destination

Experience the Essence of Summer with Lili Sidonio's Spring-Summer 2024 Collection.

Lili Sidonio embraces the season with an assertive femininity, reflected in every stylistic detail of summer. Set against the backdrop of Palm Springs, the collection embodies her favorite graphic codes, presenting a wardrobe that's glittering, feminine, and liberated.

Explore the allure of Lili Sidonio's latest designs and embrace the spirit of summer today.


Spring-Summer 2024 Invites All Kinds of Desires and Destinations

Ocean's Call: Dive into a Wardrobe of Blue Hues and Romantic Florals

Experience the allure of the ocean as our wardrobe comes alive with shades of blue, from serene azure skies to mesmerizing ocean waves. Pastel mauve and pink maxi flowers adorn romantic dresses, evoking images of lush hydrangeas.

Embrace the salty, 'van life' ambiance with a fusion of flip-flops, skateboarding, and coconut palms infused into combi-pants and short tank-top outfits, perfect for the height of summer.

Indulge in the essence of seaside chic with our latest collection.



Le Sport Collection by Molly Bracken offers a fluid silhouette, full of freedom.
Designed with quality technical fabrics that adapt perfectly to the body, the range combines fashion, comfort and trendy colors, to go confident and serene when encountering movement.



The collection features exquisitely tailored pajamas and sundressescomposed of satins with exclusive prints, soft and cozy feminine sweaters,and jogging suits in comfortable and elegant knits that can easily be takenfrom day to night.