Molly bracken

Molly Bracken, retro-bohemian fashion in Fall-Winter colors

Molly Bracken offers timeless collections with exclusive prints. Shapes, materials and colors accompany the day of an active woman in search of a vast and comfortable wardrobe and a feminine and responsible fashion at affordable prices.

Lili sidonio

Lili Sidonio, the pop, urban and arty wardrobe

With an acidulous collection filled with artistic markers, Lili Sidonio, designer and muse of her brand, presents us a Fall-Winter collection mixing neo-vintage, retro-ski and disco queen inspirations. We find pieces inspired by the 80's and 90's and an Anglo-Saxon edgy style that twists our winter style!


Molly Bracken Girl, the preppy bohemian wardrobe for young girls

A colorful, mischievous and modern collection for young girls from 8 to 16 years old, offering a casual and elaborate style at the same time..



Le Sport Collection by Molly Bracken offers a fluid silhouette, full of freedom.
Designed with quality technical fabrics that adapt perfectly to the body, the range combines fashion, comfort and trendy colors, to go confident and serene when encountering movement.


The collection features exquisitely tailored pajamas and sundressescomposed of satins with exclusive prints, soft and cozy feminine sweaters,and jogging suits in comfortable and elegant knits that can easily be takenfrom day to night.